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Wireless Pile Load Test Kit (791980998745)

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Wireless Pile Load Test Kit

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Want to customize a kit with different wireless dial indicators or use wireless load gauges? Contact us for more information.

Want to customize kit with different dial indicators or iPad? Contact us for more information.

Motionics Wireless Pile Load Test Kit measures pile deflection under different load conditions with BlueDial Bluetooth dial indicators, and either a BluePSI Bluetooth pressure sensor or a Bluetooth load gage on an iPad or Windows PC.

Multiple BlueDials (up to 6 on iPad, and more on a PC) are attached to the test pile to measure movements during load application and removal. The Bluetooth pressure sensor is mounted on the hydraulic pump to monitor load change, or a wireless force gauge is used. Using the iPad app or the PC software, the user then pairs with the BlueDials and the BluePSI. Readings from all wireless gages will be synced and updated in the software.

The user then opens the Pile Load Test app on an Apple iPad (or MultiGage Reader on a Windows PC) and pairs with the BlueDials and the BluePSI/Bluetooth load gage. Readings from all wireless gages will be synced and updated in the software in real time.

If you have a custom load measurement requirement for your application, be sure to contact us and we can create a custom solution for you.

 Not only can you connect to the devices wirelessly through Bluetooth within the transmission range, but you can also use our IoT platform, MultiGage Cloud, to monitor real-world pressure readings from anywhere.

A Wireless Solution for Pile Load Testing

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Motionics' wireless pile load test kit improves efficiency and increases safety in pile load testing applications by allowing you to take readings wirelessly.

Wireless Connectivity

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You can connect to wireless deflection and load gauges with your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or Windows PC via Bluetooth Low Energy, eliminating wires entirely.

Cross-Platform Capability

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You can use either our dedicated Pile Load Test software for iPad, or our general wireless measurement software MultiGage for Windows to connect to your Bluetooth deflection and load gauges.

Cloud Capability

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By connecting Bluetooth gages to a MultiGage Cloud Gateway, you can view real-time readings and reading history from anywhere by logging onto the MultiGage Cloud portal on any web browser. You can also set notifications that can alert you to a sensor disconnection, low sensor battery, or the reading falling out of a set threshold.

MultiGage Cloud Features

MultiGage Cloud provides a variety of features to make remote monitoring easier, including multiple sensor connectivity, customizable dashboards, smart alerts and notifications, reading history access, remote sensor controls, and easy overall asset monitoring with different analytic tools such as treemaps, map view, and summary view. MultiGage Cloud is a subscription-based platform.

Simultaneous Reading

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Connect to, read from, and record measurements from multiple gauges and multiple gauge types at once.

Wireless Deflection Gauges

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The wireless pile load test kit integrates wireless deflection gauges, which come in a variety of types, ranges, and resolutions.

Wireless Load Gauges

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There are a variety of wireless load gauges that can be integrated in the kit to take load readings alongside deflection readings wirelessly.

Wireless Pressure Sensors

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Our Bluetooth pressure sensors, or BluePSI, can wirelessly monitor hydraulic pressure which can be converted to load in the app.

Custom Test Information Templates

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The Pile Load Test app comes with custom templates made specifically to display information from pile load testing applications.


Wireless Deflection Gauges

BlueDial Specification
Measurement Range 2" / 50mm (more options available)
Resolution 0.0005" / 0.01mm
Connection Bluetooth Low Energy
Accuracy 0.001"
Wireless Data Rate 10Hz
Transmission Range 65ft / 20m (indoors) / 100ft / 30m (outdoors)
Working Temperature 32 to 122°F
Bluetooth Battery Life 50hrs (rechargeable)


Wireless Pressure Gauges

BluePSI Specification
Measurement Range 5K, 10Kpsi (more options available)
Accuracy 0.25% of full scale
Connection Bluetooth Low Energy
Data Transmission Interval 5s (adjustable)
Transmission Range Up to 65ft / 20m
Working Temperature -4 to 185°F
Battery Life 2 years at 5s interval with CR2050
Pressure Port ¼-18NPT (more options available)

Wireless Load Gauges


2200000lbs / 1,000te (depends on model)
110,0000lbs / 500te (depends on model)
1000lb / 0.5te (depends on model) 200lb / 0.1te (depends on model)
Accuracy ±0.1% full scale ±0.1% full scale
Wireless Data Rate 10Hz
Transmission Range 100m / 328ft
Working Temperature 14° to 122°F
IP Rating IP67
Battery 4x AA
Battery Life 500hr


Pile Load Test is an app that works with wireless dial indicators and wireless load gauges for wireless pile load testing.


MultiGage Windows, along with this USB Bluetooth Dongle, allows you to stream readings from multiple devices wirelessly to any Windows PC running Win7 or later.

MultiGage Cloud

MultiGage Cloud connects Bluetooth wireless sensors to the Internet, allowing real-world data tracking from anywhere. MultiGage Cloud is the ultimate industrial remote monitoring solution.

  • Bluetooth Dial Indicator (up to 6)
  • Bluetooth Pressure Sensor BluePSI OR Bluetooth Force Gauge BlueForce
  • USB Charging Cable
  • USB Power Adapter
  • Protective Carrying Case
  • iPad Pile Load Test App
  • iPad with Protective Case (Optional)
  • Extended Warranty (Optional)

Wireless Pile Load Test Kit Brochure Brochure

Wireless Pile Load Test Kit User Manual User Manual

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