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Wireless Load Gauge (4664570314841)

Wireless Load Gauge

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Motionics’ wireless load gauge combines a high-strength industrial force gauge with the safety and convenience of Bluetooth Low Energy technology.

You can connect this gauge to your iOS, Android, or PC device with our free software, MultiGage, and read and record measurements remotely. This takes you out of hazardous, hard-to-reach locations when taking force measurements.

Our wide range of models allows for use in variety of force measurement applications (tension load cells, compression load cells, and dynamometers) and resolution, accuracy, and capacity requirements. With a heavy-duty, IP67-rated outer shell and an incredibly high weight-to-strength ratio, this force gauge is suitable for even the harshest environments.


Capacity 14,300lb  / 6.5te
2200000lbs / 1,000te (depends on model)
110,0000lbs / 500te (depends on model)
Resolution 2lb / 0.001te 1000lb / 0.5te (depends on model) 200lb / 0.1te (depends on model)
Accuracy ±0.2% of full scale ±0.1% full scale ±0.1% full scale
Wireless Data Rate 10Hz
Transmission Range 100m / 328ft
Working Temperature 14° to 122°F
IP Rating IP67
Battery 4x AA
Battery Life 500hr


This wireless load gauge works with MultiGage, which allows the user to connect to multiple devices and read/record measurements wirelessly on your iPad or iPhone. It also works with our dedicated Pile Load Test app, alongside wireless dial indicators, or BlueDials. Click the app icons below to view more details on the App Store or contact us for more information.

MultiGage Reader App

Pile Load Test is an app that works with wireless dial indicators and wireless load gauges for wireless pile load testing.


MultiGage Reader offers multiple device connectivity on Android devices. Click the app icon below to download for free on the Google Play Store or contact us for more information.


MultiGage Windows, along with this USB Bluetooth Dongle, allows you to stream readings from multiple devices wirelessly to any Windows PC running Win7 or later.

  • Wireless Load Gauge 1x
  • Protective Case 1x
  • AA Battery 4x
  • User Guide 1x

Wireless Force Gauge Brochure Brochure

Wireless Force Gauge Manual User Guide

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