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Single-Channel Vibration Kit (3621970631)

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Single-Channel Vibration Kit

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Motionics Single-Channel Vibration Kit is a low-cost yet effective solution for performing vibration testing on the fly. It consists of an advanced digital accelerometer connecting to an iPhone/iPad along with iOS vibration apps.

The digital accelerometer is piezoelectric based, which guarantees accurate measurement and broad-frequency response. It integrates a 24-bit internal ADC, hence data is directly passed through lightning port on iPhone/iPad, eliminating the need of an external DAQ box. Calibration information is stored onboard and automatically used to calibrate input signal, no extra calibration procedure is required.

Single-Channel Vibration Kit includes Motionics VibraTestPro app and iVibraMeter app. VibraTestPro is the go-to app to measure vibration on iPhone and iPad. It provides comprehensive vibration analysis features such as a real-time waveform & spectrum viewer, an ISO10816 vibration meter, raw signal recording and so on. The user can also use the iVibraMeter App on iPad for quick overall vibration tests of multiple common machines such as pumps, motors, spindles, etc. with rapid PDF report generation capability.

  • Measurement Range: ±20g
  • Frequency Range (±3 dB): 54 – 900,000cpm
  • Non-Linearity: ≤ 2%
  • Sampling Rate: 44100 samples/sec
  • Working Temperature: 14 to 158°F
  • Internal ADC: 24 bits
  • Magnet Base Pull Force: 85lbf
  • Resonance Frequency: 1500kcpm below frequency range
  • Power Supply: directly from iPad (Wired)
  • Sensing Element: Piezoelectric

iVibraMeter is an iPad application that connects to the DAQ box and collects overall acceleration/velocity RMS vibration in real time. It displays the RMS value together with a severity bar based on different industry standards to show machine conditions.


  • Real-Time overall RMS values
  • Vibration signal spectrum/waveform
  • Touch cursor on spectrum
  • Vibration in velocity (ips or mm/s) or acceleration (G’s)
  • ISO 10816 and customized vibration severity thresholds
  • One-tap data capturing at predefined test points on common industrial machines, including: motor, fan, pump, etc
  • One button calibration for accelerometer input
  • Generate reports with machine information, vibration levels, severity bar, map location, pictures from library or camera, signature and notes
  • PDF report email or wireless printing
  • Local report manager
  • Help & instructions

VibraTestPro is a universal app that turns an iPhone/iPad into a vibration analyzer. It provides comprehensive vibration analysis features, such as a real-time waveform and spectrum viewer, an ISO10816 vibration meter, raw signal recording, and more.


  • Universal on iPhone and iPad
  • Vibration meter with ISO10816 severity indicator and customized thresholds
  • Interactive real-time waveform and spectrum viewer
  • Customizable graph appearance: background color, line color, line thickness, grids
  • Velocity and acceleration readings (metric & imperial)
  • Auto peak detection cursor, manual cursor, and top 5 peaks
  • Distance cursor, harmonic cursor and sideband cursor
  • Vibration raw signal (auto & manual) recording (adjustable sampling rate and length) with local saving
  • Vibration signal export in CSV and WAV
  • Plant-Machine-Testpoint measurement structure for easy data management
  • Local data manager to access previously saved tests

Vibration App Bundle: includes other vibration analyzing apps developed by Motionics: VibraCalc, VibeSpectra, REBvibe, and VibraUnits

  • Digital Accelerometer x1
  • 85 lbf Magnet Base x1
  • Accelerometer Cable Accessory x1
  • Protective Carrying Case x1
  • iVibraMeter App (iPad) x1
  • VibraTestPro App (iPhone/iPad) x1
  • iPad with Industrial Protective Case (Optional)

Single-Channel Vibration RMS Tester Brochure Brochure

Single-Channel Vibration RMS Tester Brochure User Guide

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iVMSampleReport iVibraMeter Full Sample Report

iVMSampleReport1 iVibraMeter One-Page Sample Report

VTPSampleReportCSV VibraTestPro Sample Data (CSV)

VTPSampleReportWAV VibraTestPro Sample Data (WAV)