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Motionics ShakerWatch is an iPad-based vibration analyzer specialized for shale shakers. This kit comes with two accelerometers with magnetic bases that can be attached to a test point to measure vibrations in two directions. Accelerometer signals are acquired through the 2-Channel DAQ mounted on the back of the iPad and passed to the ShakerWatch app through an iPad data port.

In the ShakerWatch App, users can see 2-Channel vibration spectrum, waveform and G Motion X-Y orbit plots. Vibration peak and RMS values can be recorded and saved to a test report. PDF reports are saved in a local database and can be exported.

The kit also comes with Motionics VibraTestPro app for iPhone & iPad. Using this app, this kit can be used as a 2-CH vibration analyzer with vibration analysis features such as a real-time waveform & spectrum viewer, ISO10816 vibration meter, raw signal recording, etc.

  • Sensitivity: 100mV/g
  • Measurement Range: ±80g
  • Frequency Range (±3 dB): 30 – 900,000cpm
  • Resonance Frequency: 1860kcpm
  • Number of Inputs: 2 channels
  • Sampling Rate: 44100 samples/sec
  • Working Temperature: 32 to 122°F
  • Power Supply: directly from iPad (Wired)
  • Magnet Base Pull Force: 85lbf
  • Sensing Element: Piezoelectric
ShakerWatch is an iPad application that connects to the DAQ box and collects vibration signals from 2 accelerometers in real time simultaneously. Users can view X&Y direction vibration in waveform/FFT spectrum/X-Y orbit plot and record vertical/horizontal/resultant G readings.

“Shale Shaker
  • Two channel simultaneous data acquisition
  • G Readings: vertical, horizontal and resultant
  • Real-time vibration waveform
  • Wide range FFT spectrum
  • X-Y orbit plot (G Motion Plot)
  • Peak/RMS vibration selection
  • PDF Test report with plots, map, machine picture, signature and custom notes
  • Local database and test report manager
  • Export PDF report through E-mail and air-print
  • Charging Accessories
  • 10ft accelerometer cable x2
  • Custom iPad case for protection and to hold the DAQ box x1
  • Protective carrying case x1
  • Shale Shaker iPad App for shaker vibration test x1
  • ShakerWatch iPad App for overall vibration and certificate tests x1
  • ShakerWatch iPhone/iPad App for vibration analysis x1
  • iPad (Optional)

Shale Shaker Vibration Test Kit Brochure Brochure

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iVMSampleReport ShakerWatch PDF Sample Report

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