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Wireless Crankshaft Deflection Test Kit

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$ 3,000.00

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Motionics Wireless Crankshaft Deflection Test Kit utilizes Motionics Bluetooth crankshaft gage for crankshaft web deflection test. By simple tapping on iPad, users can have deflection data recorded easily and error-free.

Thanks to the built-in angle measurement, there is no need to mark test points on the crankshaft web again. The Crankshaft Test App will notify users once the crankshaft rotates to test locations.

A PDF test report can be generated and stored in the end of each test.

This system covers various crankshaft web gap range from 160 to 720 mm with included extension rod set.


User Manual manual

What's in the box:
  • Motionics Wireless Crankshaft Gage x1
  • Adjustable Probe x1
  • Extension Rode Set (1/2" to 6" one each) x1
  • 60° Punch x1
  • Protective Carrying Case x1
  • USB Charging Cable x1
  • USB Power Adapter x1
  • Crankshaft Deflection Test App for iPad x1
  • User Manual x1
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Connection
  • Built-in Rotating Angle Measurement with 1° resolution
  • Measuring Range: 0.4 in/10 mm
  • Resolution: 0.0001 in/0.001 mm
  • Accuracy: 0.00012 in
  • Wireless Data Transmission Rate: 10 Hz
  • Wireless Data Transmission Range: up to 10 m
  • Crankshaft Web Gap Range: 160 to 720 mm
  • Working Temperature: 0-50 °C
  • Battery: 400 mAh rechargeable
  • Battery Usage Life: 30 hr
  • Charging: 5 VDC USB and 110VAC
  • Wireless data recording
  • Rotating angle indicator
  • Measurement results organized in table
  • Automatic test points notification
  • Automatic Vertical/Horizontal deflection calculation
  • End play test included
  • Test report generation
  • Tester signature
  • Local report storage manager
  • Email report and wireless print

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