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BlueDial Bluetooth Transmitter - Motionics (3621557703)

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BlueDial Transmitter Integration

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$ 500.00

BlueDial Transmitter is the core part of our bluetooth dial indicator BlueDial. Once it is attached to the back of a Mitutoyo digital indicator, users can directly view and record dial measurement readings on their iPhone/iPad screens at a distance of up to 33feet / 10meters.

BlueDial Transmitter is compatible with Mitutoyo dial 543-783 and 543-793. Contact us for details about compatibility with other dial models.

You can select BlueDial Transmitter with or without data cable. For the option without data cable, you should send your own Mitutoyo dial indicator to us for integration of BlueDial Transmitter. For the option with data cable, you can directly attach BlueDial Transmitter to the back of a dial indicator and use the external SPC to micro USB cable for data communication between dial and bluetooth transmitter.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 for Direct Connection with iPhone/iPad
  • Wireless Data Transmission Rate: 10HZ
  • Wireless Data Transmission Range: up to 33ft
  • Working Temperature: 32 to 122ºF
  • Battery: 400mAh rechargeable
  • Battery Usage Life: 30hrs
  • Charging: 5VDC USB and 110VAC
There are various engineering Apps available for BlueDial and we are working to bring more Apps for different applications. Click app icons below to download for free on the App Store or contact us for more information.

DialRead App DialReadPad App DialFace App

App Features:
  • Real-time plot on iPhone/iPad
  • Continuous or Single data recording
  • Set angular positions to auto record readings
  • Measurement Max, Min, Average
  • TIR value and analog indicator
  • Dial Origin in App
  • Various analog dial indicator faces
  • Limit handle and peak hold mode
  • Measurements voice read in 9 languages
  • Off-line post processing plot and polar plot
  • Measurements database management
  • Email export and Dropbox synchronization
  • Test report generation

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