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VibeSense Wireless Torsional Vibration Analyzer (4524428656729)

VibeSense Wireless Torsional Vibration Analyzer

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The VibeSense VST1 is a hand-held, battery operated wireless torsional vibration analyzer. When using standalone as a laser tachometer, it senses the passage of reflective markings on rotating machinery and determines the target’s rotational rate. When paired wirelessly with an iPad, the user can access more advanced torsional vibration analysis features in Motionics VibraTestPro App.

VST1 consists of a fiber optic sensing head and a wireless signal conditioner. The sensing head is remote from the electronics package and is fiber coupled. This permits measurement of objects in hostile environments or in hard-to-get-to locations. The sensed change in reflectivity from black to white generates a transition at its output with high accuracy and fast response. This signal is then processed in the signal conditioner via a high speed microcontroller and transmitted wirelessly to paired iPad via Bluetooth Low Energy for further analysis.The high speed of the unit, 40 KHz, coupled with its small spot size can provide high-resolution measurements unattainable with conventional incandescent source tachometers.

  • Maximum Measurement Rate: 40,000 PPS 
  • Accuracy: ±0.02% of reading 
  • Range from Sensor to Target: 0.47 to 4.9" (using white copier paper) 
  • Laser Wavelength: 650 nm ±10 nm 
  • Laser Output Power: < 3 mW 
  • Laser Spot Size: < 0.075" @ 0.52" range 
  • Laser Beam Divergence: < 13 milliradians 
  • Standard Fiber Types - Receiver: 3 M FT-400-EMT 400 uM core, Low OH ion content fused silica 
  • Standard Fiber Types - Transmitter: 62.5 uM core fused silica fiber 
  • Wireless Protocol: Bluetooth Low Energy 
  • Wireless Data Transmission Range: 30ft 
  • Wireless Data Collection Sample Size: 256 to 65536 

VibraTestPro App: a universal App that turns an iPhone/iPad into a vibration analyzer. With a dedicated page on iPad, VibraTestPro pairs with VibeSense Wireless Torsional Vibration Analyzer to bring advanced torsional vibration analysis features to mobile.


  • Bluetooth Low Energy wireless sensor connection
  • Interactive angle domain plot with pan and zoom
  • Interactive order domain plot with pan and zoom
  • Auto peak detection with top 5 peaks in order plot
  • Automatic butt joint correction
  • RPM raw signal recording (adjustable sampling length) with local saving
  • Vibration signal export in CSV 
  • Plant-Machine-TestPoint measurement structure for easy data management
  • Local data manager to access previously saved tests
  • Optical sensor head with fiber optic cable
  • VibeSense wireless signal conditioning unit
  • Power supply/charger
  • Protective carrying case
  • Zebra tape

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