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VibeSense Wireless Rotor Balancer

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Motionics VibeSense wireless balancer is a novel rotor balancing tool. It consists of VibeSense wireless accelerometer and a miniature laser tachometer sensor.

VibeSense wireless accelerometer utilizes a piezoelectric accelerometer to guarantee accurate acceleration measurement. It has a powerful onboard processor to process both accelerometer and tachometer signals, perform FFT and calculate vibration and phase readings for rotor balancing. Wireless signal transmission is achieved by Bluetooth Low Energy that allows users to directly communicate with the sensors and perform balancing work on a smart phone or tablet.

The miniature laser tachometer can be attached to the VibeSense wireless accelerometer through the connector on top for phase measurement. With the included right-angle adapter, users can easily adjust and target the laser at any spot on the testing rotor. An extension cable can also be used to extend the laser reach.

Both single plane and two plane, inbound and overhung balancing are supported in our mobile App. With the animated step by step guide, anybody is able to accomplish rotor balancing work effortlessly. After balancing, a PDF report will be generated and saved for further assessment.

VibeSense runs on a rechargeable Li-Po battery with Qi wireless charging enabled.

Single-Channel Vibration RMS Tester Brochure Brochure

Single-Channel Vibration RMS Tester Brochure User Manual

  • Accelerometer Type: Piezoelectric 
  • Sensitivity: 100mV/g
  • Measurement Range:±20g
  • Frequency Range (±3 dB): 0.32 - 10000 Hz
  • Resonant Frequency: 25000 Hz
  • ADC: 16 bits
  • Sampling Rate: 200 to 20000 Hz
  • Data Block Size: 256 to 16384 samples
  • Data Transmission Range: 20m
  • Operating Temperature: -20 - 60 °C
  • Dust/Water Protection: IP66
  • Battery: Li-Po battery w/ Qi Wireless Charging
Software Features:
  • Wireless sensor connection via Bluetooth Low Energy 
  • Multiple sensor connectivity
  • Supports single plane and two plane balancing
  • Supports inbound and overhung
  • Step by step guide for balancing
  • Polar plot for vibration and trial/correction weights
  • Angular mass distribution calculator
  • Weight removal calculator
  • Permissible residual imbalance determination
  • ISO10816 based vibration meter
  • Vibration raw signal recording
  • Vibration signal FFT spectrum viewer
  • Balancing PDF report
What's in the box:
  • VibeSense Wireless Accelerometer
  • Adjustable Laser Tachometer Sensor
  • Laser Tachometer Extension Cable
  • Laser Tachometer Holder
  • Qi Wireless Charging Pad
  • 1/4-28 Accelerometer Mounting Set Screw
  • Magnet Key for Sensor on/off Switch
  • Protective Carrying Case
  • iOS Balancing App License
  • iPad Mini 5 with Industrial Protective Case (Optional)
  • Two Pole 85 lbs Magnetic Base (Optional)