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GageHub Local WiFi Router (4616007450713)

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GageHub Local WiFi Router

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Motionics GageHub Local is a BLE and WiFi gateway that can be used alongside Motionics Bluetooth measurement devices to extend their wireless transmission range.

GageHub Local connects to Motionics measurement devices via Bluetooth Low Energy and transmits data sent to the hub as WiFi signals that are then sent to your iPhone or iPad. The wireless transmission range of the device is hence extended from the typical BLE transmission range of 30-50 feet to the WiFi transmission range of 100 ft, and can be further extended by adding standard off-the-shelf WiFi repeaters or range extenders.

GageHub Local doesn’t change the way gages interact with the MultiGage app, just adding an option to add a device via WiFi when pairing devices, and multiple smart devices can now connect to the same gage and receive data simultaneously. The hub can connect to up to 40 gages, sensors, and transducers and an unlimited number of smart devices. GageHub Local also adds one more layer of data security with a password-protected WiFi connection.

The hub is powered by a 5V microUSB connection that can connect to power outlets, portable power banks, and other sources of continuous power.

Wireless Range 100 - 150ft
Motionics Wireless Dimensional Measurement Tools
5V MicroUSB connection
Gauge Connections
Up to 40 (varies by model)
Smart Device Connections


GageHub Local works with MultiGage Reader for iOS. Click the app icons below to view more details on the App Store or contact us for more information.

MultiGage Reader App

MultiGage Reader

  • GageHub Router x1
  • Charging Cable x1
  • Various Charging Adapters x4
  • GageHub Mount x1
  • User Manual x1

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