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BlueKey Wireless Trigger Switch (4382702239833)

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BlueKey Wireless Trigger Switch

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BlueKey is a wireless trigger switch that can be paired with a Windows PC as a wireless keyboard. When MultiGage software is running, every time the user pushes the BlueKey, an F9 key stroke is sent to the computer and triggers MultiGage to capture readings of connected gauges. If another software is running and accepts keyboard entry, such as Excel, device readings will be directly keyed into the active software.

BlueKey is IP67 rated for dust and water exposure, compact and portable, and comes with a wristband for easy attachment. It is powered by a replaceable CR2032 battery, and works with any of our wireless measurement instruments.


1.41" / 35.9mm x 1.41" / 35.9mm x 0.43" / 11mm

(9.84" / 250mm wristband)

IP Rating IP67
Battery CR2032
Battery Life 6 months
Temperature 14°F to 140°F
Compatibility Windows


  • BlueKey Wireless Trigger Switch x1
  • CR2032 Coin Battery x1
  • User Manual x1

BlueDial User Manual Brochure

BlueDial User Manual User Manual

BlueKey Wireless Trigger Switch for Data Capture from multiple Bluetooth Dial Indicators on PC