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Motionics Wireless Rotor Runout Kit

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Motionics Wireless Rotor Runout Kit consists of a Bluetooth dial indicator BlueDial, a Bluetooth angle sensor BlueAngle and the iPad application Runout.


User Manual brochure

Users can attach BlueAngle to the end face or the circumference of a rotor with its magnetic base. While the rotor rotates, BlueAngle also rotates with it and continuously measures the rotating angle. At the same time, BlueDial can be set to measure at the edge of the rotating plane. Both sensors transmits data wirelessly to iPad. In the Runout app, displacement measurements from BlueDial and rotating angle readings from BlueAngle are matched to depict the real contour of the rotor in test.

To better visualize collected data, we embed a probe meter for BlueDial readings. Two different options of probe meters with different numbers of ticks are available for different resolution requirements. Additional, users can freely set the range of the probe meter to further adjust display resolution. An analog needle rotates while BlueDial reading changes. For BlueAngle, a rotating arrow follows the value of BlueAngle, indicating the angular position of the rotor.

Runout App can connect up to 4 displacement sensors simultaneously, allowing users to conduct runout test for 4 planes at the same time. An individual reading panel is assigned to each sensor connected without interference between each other.

Once the test session is complete, user can export test data or create and save a test report on the iPad. A local test record manager will allow future access to previous tests data and reports.

What's in the box:

  • BlueDial x1
  • BlueAngle x1
  • Micro USB Charging Cable x1
  • 110 VAC USB Power Adapter x1
  • Simultaneous wireless displacement measurement and rotating angle measurement
  • Multiple displacement sensors connectivity (test up to 4 planes simultaneously)
  • Applicable to both horizontal and vertical rotors
  • User-defined number of test points on rotor circumference
  • Sensors remote zero on the iPad
  • Sensor status page to show sensor signal strength, battery level and editable display name
  • Probe meter with changeable range/resolution and rotating needle
  • Cartesian plot (angle-reading) and Polar plot
  • Data smoothing using moving average
  • Various test data exporting options (email, wireless print, AirDrop, saving to flash drive)
  • PDF test report with test information, machine image, test results, note, tester signature and map
  • Local test records manager to retrieve previous tests data and reports

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