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What is the difference of WiMER and BlueDial?

Both WiMER and BlueDial can wirelessly transmit measurement readings to smart devices or PCs. However, WiMER is just a transmitter, users need to have a digimatic instrument for measurement and connect it to WiMER through a small piece of data cable. On the other hand, BlueDial has the wireless transmitter integrated on the back of an digital dial indicator. All the wires are connected internally.

By changing different types of data cables, WiMER can be used as a universal solution for different gages: dial indicator, caliper, micrometer, etc. While BlueDial only works as an indicator. Hence WiMER is more versatile than BlueDial.

What is the difference of WiMER 1, 2, 3, 4A?

Based on different compatible instruments, we categorize WiMER devices in 4 series, users should choose accordingly:

  • WiMER 1 for Mitutoyo digimatic instruments, such as digital dial indicator, caliper, micrometer, height gage and so on

  • WiMER 2 for Fowler/Sylvac digital instruments with RS232 output

  • WiMER 3 for Mitutoyo linear gage with 90° phase shift output

  • WiMER 4A for Mitutoyo electronic sensor based digital protractor 950-318

What is the difference of BlueDial and BlueDial-LT?

The main difference of BlueDial and BlueDial-LT is the indicator used for integration with the Bluetooth transmitter. BlueDial is based on Mitutoyo digital indicators, while BlueDial-LT uses generic Motionics indicators. Hence BlueDial has better built quality than BlueDial-LT and is expected to be more reliable, robust and durable. Additionally, BlueDial comes with a certificate of inspection from Mitutoyo while BlueDial-LT doesn't.

Another minor difference is BlueDial has higher data transmission rate than BlueDial-LT: 10 samples/second vs 8 samples/second.

What is the difference of WiMER 1 and Mitutoyo U-Wave?

Data Transmission Mode: WiMER 1 can continuously stream data at 10 HZ to receiving device, while U-Wave only sends data when button is pressed.

Data Receiver: U-Wave requires a data receiver to work, WiMER 1 can directly connect to iOS/Android mobile devices and only need a miniature for Windows PC.

Compatible Platforms: U-Wave can only work with Windows PC, WiMER 1 is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows PC.

What are the compatible software platforms for WiMER and BlueDial?

WiMER and BlueDial are compatible with iOS, Android and Windows. LabVIEW on Windows is also on our list of compatible platforms.

Should I pay for the software/Apps?

Most of our iOS Apps are free. You can search for Motionics on the App Store to see detailed pricing information.

Other software/Apps on Android/PC are free.

Where can I download the PC software for my BlueDial or WiMER?

You can visit our Download page to download the latest PC software for BlueDial or WiMER.

Where can I download the LabVIEW VI for my BlueDial or WiMER?

Please contact us for the latest LabVIEW VI for BlueDial or WiMER.

What models of iPad and iPhone are compatible with Motionics Bluetooth wireless products?

Motionics Bluetooth wireless products require the receiving device to support Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0). We recommend iPhone 5 and later model, iPad Air and later model, iPad mini and iPad Pro.

What models of Android are compatible with Motionics Bluetooth wireless products?

In order to use Motionics Bluetooth wireless products on Android, the Android device should support Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0) and be running Android 4.3 or newer system.

Is Mitutoyo U-Wave compatible with your software?

No, since our products use the different wireless data transmission method from Mitutoyo, U-Wave is not compatible with our software.

Is any receiver required to use your device?

For iOS or Android mobile devices, our WiMER and BlueDial can have direct connection without using additional receivers.

For Windows PC, since there was no Bluetooth Low Energy support before Windows 8, a small Bluetooth USB dongle is required to use our hardware and software.

How many devices can I connect at the same time?

For iOS, up to 14 devices can be simultaneously connected.

For Android, our current App is set for single device, multiple device connectability will be enabled later.

For Windows PC, up to 7 devices can be connected at the same time.

Does your device work with Excel?

On Windows PC, data from BlueDial or WiMER can be directly entered into Excel or other text based software by pressing a key on keyboard or the trigger button on WiMER. Here is a Demo Video.

For iOS or Android, data can be recorded and exported as a CSV file, which can be opened by Excel for further analysis.

Since you add a transmitter to the back of indicator, how do I hold BlueDial?

BlueDial has 3/8 inch stem and BlueDial-LT has 8 mm stem. Both can be held by a magnetic base on stem.

If it is required to be fixed from the back, a lug back can be placed on top of the transmitter and fastened by 4 M2-0.4x20 screws.

What if I need to use a different type of tip for BlueDial?

Tips with 4-48UNF screw will work with BlueDial. Tips with M2.5 screw will work with BlueDial-LT.

How is the battery life of your devices?

Both BlueDial and WiMER have rechargeable batteries. BlueDial and WiMER 1 have a 60-hour battery life, BlueDial-LT has a 50-hour battery life, WiMER 2 has 20-hours, and WiMER 3 and 4A have 30-hours. BlueDial, BlueDial-LT have 30-hour battery life.

What is the data transmission range of your devices?

Both BlueDial and WiMER have wireless transmission range of up to 10 meters (30 ft). BlueAngle can transmit data up to 20 meters (60ft).

Please contact us if your application requires the device to work on longer range.

What should I do if I need to customize the software for my application?

We can customize existing software or develop new software for your specific application if you need software customization in your project.

If you have access to LabVIEW, we have a basic VI to cover gage searching, device connection and data update. You can freely add on any function and perform any required computation on wirelessly received data for your application.

If you want to totally start from scratch and develop your own software, please also contact us. We can share the wireless protocol and data format with you.

What should I do if I need a customized version of your hardware devices?

Please tell us about your application, we will be more than happy to look into it and explore possible hardware customization options.

Where can I download brochures and user guides for my product?

You can visit our Download page to download the latest brochures and user guides for all of our products.

What are the international payment options?

International orders should be paid in advance. Payment should be clear before we start processing the order.

We accept credit card and wire transfer. For detailed credit card payment link or bank information, please contact

What are the shipping options?

For US orders, normally we use UPS Ground (1 to 5 business day transit time). You can also select UPS 3 Day or 2nd Day at checkout on our online store.

For international orders, we ship with UPS or DHL (3 to 5 business day transit time). If transit time is not an issue for you, you can also request to use USPS (6 to 10 business day transit time).

If you want to use any shipping method not listed on our online store, please let us know.

If I need to receive items fast, do you have expedition options?

Yes, we have expedition options. If you need to shorten lead time or use expedited shipping method, please send your request to

My BlueDial doesn't send value, what should I do?

Here are some tips for quick fix:

  • Make sure both the dial indicator and Bluetooth transmitter are turned on (Display on front shows number and LED on back turns on blue).

  • Fully charge BlueDial and try again.

  • If BlueDial is connected but there is no data coming, turn the device off and on then connect again.

 If none of the above methods works, please contact us for further help.

Do you provide the repair services to your products?

Yes, we provide the repair services to our products. Please contact us for more details.