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Wireless iPad Vibration Analyzer

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This kit is equipped with a wireless accelerometer sitting on the machine, collecting and transmitting vibration signals wirelessly. A tiny receiver on the iPad case gathers the incoming wireless data while the iPad takes care of all the vibration analysis as before.

The iPad using the VibePro App allows the user to take readings and leverage the powerful platform of the iPad. Real-time plot sharing and database exporting make it possible for experts off site to gain access to equipment in facilities. Connected to data network, the user can also use the Internet for inventory data, machine specs, and reading history.

What's in the package:
  • iPad Air 2 16GB Cellular x1
  • iPad Case with Integrated Wireless Receiver x1
  • Wireless Accelerometer with Magnet Base x1
  • Spare Batteries x3
  • VibePro App x1
  • iVibraMeter App x1
  • Vibration App Bundle x1
  • Can be substituted by other iPad models or excluded from the package if a user wants to use his own. Price varies accordingly.
iPad Case
  • Integrate a Wireless Receiver to Collect Signal from the Wireless Accelerometer
  • Support the Pairing of over 700 Accelerometers
  • Include an iPad screen protector
  • Water Resistance
Wireless Accelerometer
  • 100 mV/g Sensitivity and 20 g Range
  • Support 2nd Channel External Input for Tachometer, Accelerometer, etc
  • Support External Power Supply vis USB Mini
  • 3 V CR123 Battery with 12 Hours of Continuous Use
  • IP67 Protection
VibePro App: a vibration analyzer application that collects and analyzes vibration signals on the iPad. The application can be used either for single readings or doing full vibration analysis routes. It also supports post processing and report generation.

iVibraMeter App: an iPad application connects to the DAQ box and collects in real time the Overall Acceleration/Velocity RMS Vibration. It displays the RMS value together with a severity bar based on different industry standards to show machine conditions.

Vibration App Bundle: includes other vibration analyzing Apps developed by Motionics:
VibraCalc, VibeSpectra, REBvibe, VibraUnits.

Pelican 1500 Case: a customizable case to fit the iPad Vibration Analyzer along with a variety of accessories and provide perfect protection.

VibeRMS App: a vibration meter software with machine certification capabilities.

EMS Web: a web application designed to help VibePro users to post-process their data from any computer in the world, especially suitable for companies that span countries and require data sharing between branches.

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