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WiMER Trigger Wireless Trigger Switch

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WiMER Trigger Wireless Trigger Switch

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$ 200.00

WiMER Trigger is a wireless trigger switch that can be paired on a Windows PC as a regular wireless keyboard. It comes with a small hand trigger switch. The switch connector (2.5mm audio connector, adapter needed for other sizes) can also connect to a foot switch if needed.

When our MultiGage software is running, every time the user presses the switch on WiMER Trigger, an F9 key stroke is sent to the computer and triggers MultiGage software to capture a set of current readings of all connected devices. If another software is running as active window and accepts keyboard entry, such as Excel, device readings will be directly keyed in to the active software.


  • WiMER Trigger x1
  • Hand Trigger Switch x1
  • USB Charging Cable x1
  • USB Power Adapter x1
  • User Manual x1

BlueDial User Manual User Manual

WiMER Trigger Wireless Trigger Switch for Data Capturing of Bluetooth Dial Indicators on PC