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Single-Channel Vibration RMS Tester

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This single-channel vibration RMS tester is a low-cost yet effective solution for overall vibration RMS test and machine certification. It consists of an advanced digital accelerometer and vibration analysis Apps on iPhone and iPad.

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iPad Mini
  • Can be substituted by other iPad mini models or excluded from the package if a user wants to use his own. Price varies accordingly.
Digital Accelerometer
  • Integrates digital data acquisition (24 bit internal ADC, 44.1 kHz sampling rate)
  • Connects to iPhone/iPad through a USB lightning adapter
  • 75 pounds pull force magnetic base
iVibraMeter App: an iPad application connects to the DAQ box and collects in real time the Overall Acceleration/Velocity RMS Vibration. It displays the RMS value together with a severity bar based on different industry standards to show machine conditions.

VibraTestPro App: an iPhone app reads vibration signals from accelerometer and automatically conducts vibration severity test based on ISO 10816-03.

What's in the box:
  • iPad Mini 5 64GB Cellular with Protective Case x1 (Optional)
  • Digital Accelerometer with Magnet Base x1
  • Accelerometer Cable Accessory x1
  • Protective Carrying Case x1
  • iVibraMeter App for iPad x1
  • VibraTestPro App for iPhone x1
  • Extended Warranty (Optional)